GIAG Youth Services Programming

The GIAG Youth Centre is a safe haven for youth where teenagers are considered as being part of the community. The GIAG Youth Centre is composed of youth and adults working together to create a safe haven for youth where they can learn to become a part of their community. What is done specifically can vary from day to day since youth interests are abundant. The GIAG Youth Centre offers recreational and educational activities that focus on community involvement, health & wellness as well as life skills.

During the course of the year, youth are encouraged to participate in a variety of recreational activities such as sports, cooking nights, fear factor, outdoor games, craft nights and various other fun activities! Community involvement is also very important and part of GIAG Youth Centre'S philosophy. It is through this sustainable and loyal support that the following activities take place at the GIAG Youth Centre.


  • Tuesday (ages 9-17) 3:00pm to 8pm at Island Park - Gary Shepherd Hall - 102 Derby St. W
  • Wednesday (ages 9-12) 3:00pm to 5:00pm at Terre des Jeunes - 33 Lochiel St. E
  • Thursday (ages 9-17) 3:00pm to 8:00pm at Community Living Glengarry - 322 MacDonald Blvd. - Cooking Class





Ages 9 to 17

The GIAG Youth Centre offers a safe environment free of judgment and biases to youth between the ages of 9 and 17. We are committed to offering ongoing support to the youth of our community and guide them in becoming active and responsible citizens.

Membership Forms

Each youth that comes through the building must fill out a membership form. Membership is free, however youth are required to have this form on file in order to participate in any youth centre activities.

Click here to download the membership form. Membership forms can be returned to the youth centre during drop-in or regular business hours.


There are many great volunteer opportunities for both adults and youth at the youth centre. Youth can volunteer at any special event. If the youth is part of the older age group they can volunteer with the younger age group. If the teens are in high school, all hours they do at the youth centre count towards their 40 hrs of community service.

For more information about Volunteering or to become a volunteer please contact Debbie McIlwain at 613.525.1533 x 228 or by email at dmcilwain@giag.ca.

Click here for GIAG Youth Programs Volunteer page.

For More Information

For information about programming in Glengarry you can call: 613-525-1533 x 228, or check out the GIAG Youth Programs website for updated scheduling and information.

Click here for GIAG Youth Programs page.