New Open Air Burn Permit application

Posted on Monday December 30, 2019

The North Glengarry Fire Department is pleased to announce our new Open-Air Burn permit application procedure. The new procedure is on-line registration process, which will provide easy, accurate and real time information for both the residents and the fire department.

The link to access the Burn Permit is

Benefits of the new process:

• Portal for important education and prevention information in regarding to North Glengarry open burning.
• The automated system will alert residents throughout the year to important notifications such as burn bans or changes to fire risk levels.
• Annual permits will have a simple annual renewal process. A resident only needs to set up an online profile once.
• If a resident is unable to use the online process for initial registration, they may attend in-person to the town office located at 90 Main St South, Alexandria, where a paper application can be generated, and will be processed through the new on-line system.

Fire Service:
• Real time tracking of all active open-air burn permits.
• Improved safety for our responders if an Open Burn is reported. We may downgrade our response if it is suspected that it is a permitted burn.

User Guide:
Creating an account:
• Visit or the link posted on the Township of North Glengarry Website.
• Follow the steps to create an account. Please keep this information for future reference.
• An important feature is selecting how you would like to be contacted regarding burn bans and other important notifications. You may select email, text or phone.
• Your Profile will require a civic address. When registering for Permits on additional properties that do not necessarily have assigned Civic Addresses, such as farms or field entrances, state your road name and lot number in the address line (i.e. Conc Rd 2 Lot 2). then the Postal Code it its field. The system will then ask you to click and drag a marker pin to the exact location of the burn or field entrance.

There are three (3) types of Open-Air Burning Permits:

This permit type encompasses fires as outline in Part 2 & 3 of By-Law 48-19.

This permit type encompasses fires as outline in Part 2 & 4 of By-Law 48-19.

Farm and Agricultural:
This permit type encompasses fires as outline in Part 2 & 5 of By-Law 48-19.

• Residents are not required to contact the North Glengarry Fire Department when burning.
• Be sure to read and abide by the regulations as described in the current Burn Bylaw.
• All active fires must always be monitored and have a means of extinguishment ready that matches the size of the fire.
It is the aim of this new program to simplify the process of registering for a burn permit for our residents, and increased efficiency for our administration.

Should you have any questions regarding the new process please call (613) 525-1110, to speak to the fire administration.

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