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Township of North Glengarry – Contract #5

EVB Project #18101


The Township of North Glengarry is implementing a prequalification process for general contractors who wish to submit a tender bid for the construction of the Alexandria Water Treatment Plant Upgrades. This Request for Qualifications (RFQ) will focus on the submission requirements for all general contractors who wish to be considered.  Only companies that prequalify through this process will be invited to submit a tender bid for the project.


The Alexandria Water Treatment Plant Upgrades consists of process, structural, architectural, electrical and mechanical upgrades to the existing Alexandria Water Treatment Plant including, but not limited to, the construction of two (2) additional flocculation tanks, installation of a sludge removal system from the sedimentation tanks, complete retrofit of four filters, and miscellaneous process upgrades, window/door replacement, tank leakage repair, modifications to existing stairs, etc.


Questions will be received until end of day Wednesday June 26, 2019 and must be submitted in writing to the Engineer. The Contractor’s submission must be received by the Engineer by 2:00pm Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday July 3, 2019, at the following address:



EVB Engineering

Marco Vincelli, P.Eng.

800 Second Street West, Cornwall, ON  K6J 1H6

Phone : 613-935-3775 x210





1.      General Project Information. 1

2.      Project Description. 1

3.      Schedule. 2

4.      Submission Requirements. 2

5.      EVALUATION: 3




1.    General Project Information

Table 1 – Project Information

Name of Project

Alexandria Water Treatment Plant Upgrades

General Description

Modifications to process, structural, architectural, electrical and mechanical systems within the Existing Alexandria WTP

Type of Contract

Lump Sum

Site Location

Alexandria Water Treatment Plant,  22 Gernish Street, Alexandria, ON

Construction Budget



2.    Project Description

The Project involves the following scope:

  • Installation of a raw water sample line, with an exterior connection to the intake pipe;
  • Replacement of a mechanical mixer with a static mixer;
  • Installation of a submersible temperature sensor in low lift well;
  • Construction of two 4.1m x 4.1m x 5.1m flocculation tanks, including the installation of paddle mixers and a building extension on top of the flocculation tanks;
  • Provision for a portable mixing tank during the modifications;
  • Removal of the existing sludge piping, ladders, and benching from the sedimentation tanks;
  • Installation of a sludge removal system, baffle wall and RFP ladders;
  • Retrofit of the existing filters with Granular Activated Carbon;
  • Installation of VFDs on the backwash water pumps;
  • Installation of a recirculation line on HLP-2;
  • Refinishing walls and floors;
  • Door/Window replacement;
  • Existing interior stair modifications;
  • Concrete leak repair in low lift area;
  • Expansion joint repairs;
  • Installation of a hot water tank near the emergency showers;
  • Installation of exhaust fans and intake louvres;
  • Upgrades to the existing emergency generator;
  • Upgrades to LED lighting throughout the plant;
  • Etc.



3.    Schedule

Table 2 – Project Schedule

RFQ Issue Date

June 17, 2019

RFQ Question Deadline

Wednesday June 26, 2019

RFQ Closing Date

Wednesday July 3, 2019

Anticipated Notification of Qualification

Monday July 8, 2019

Date of Tender

Wednesday July 10, 2019

Date of Mandatory Site Meeting

Tuesday July 16, 2019

Anticipated Tender Closing

Wednesday July 31, 2019

Date of Award

Tuesday August 6, 2019

Anticipated Completion Date

Friday March 27, 2020


4.    Submission Requirements

All General Contractors wanting to be considered for prequalification, must submit three (3) hard copies of their response to this RFQ.  Their submission must include the following information, organized in a neat, orderly fashion:

1)      Contractor Prequalification Application Form (Appendix A)

2)      CCDC Form 11–1996 (R2006) emphasizing water and wastewater experience;

3)      Minimum of three (3) water treatment plant projects completed in the past five (5) years with a construction value of at least $3M. Include for each project (Use Appendix B for Project References – attach extra pages if required):

  • brief project description;
  • key staff names, and their experience and role in these projects;
  • original tendered prices and final contract prices;
  • description and value of major Contract Change Orders issued;
  • original contract Substantial Performance date and actual Substantial Performance date;
  • a summary of unresolved or disputed claims;
  • Owner and consulting engineer references.

4)      Letter from a nationally recognized Surety Company stating availability of bonding and total bonding limits for projects up to $5 Million.

5)      Evidence from an Insurance Company that the Contractor carries $5 Million Commercial General Liability Insurance per occurrence.  The Township of North Glengarry and EVB Engineering are to be added as additional insured under the General Contractor’s policy.  Provide evidence of automobile insurance in the amount of $5 Million per occurrence.

6)      Listing of all staff and sub-contractors anticipated to be used on this project, including process, building mechanical, civil/site works, earthworks, structural, architectural, electrical, concrete, and controls (SCADA).

7)      Current Health Safety Rating (CAD 7 and Certificate of Clearance from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.)

8)      Copy of the company’s Health and Safety Policy

9)      A Letter detailing all liens and/or litigations that the contract has been involved in over the past 10 years.

10)   Current Financial Statement (Balance Sheet) This must include Total Current Assets, Total Current Liabilities, Net Fixed Assets, and a cover letter from the accounting firm denoting the parameters of the statement (i.e. Audited, Compiled, Reviewed, or otherwise noted.)



The Municipality project evaluation committee will independently rate each prequalification application per the evaluation plan.  The evaluation will consist of a series of mandatory requirements that must be met to be considered for the numerical rating evaluation process.  The mandatory requirements are outlined below.  Once the mandatory requirements have been met the evaluation committee will complete the rated evaluation component.  Applicants with a final average score in excess of 75 points will be placed on a list of general and mechanical contractors to be invited for the tendering of this project.



Failure to include these requirements will result in rejection of your application without further review.


  1. Complete CCDC Form 11 document.
  2. Complete Project Reference Form (Appendix A) for three recent projects as described in Item 4.2.
    1. Confirmation that the legal entity applying for pre-qualification has been providing General and/or Mechanical Contracting services for a minimum of five (5) years.
    2. Letter from a nationally recognized Surety Company stating availability of bonding and total bonding limits for projects up to $5 Million. (Appendix B)
    3. Letter from your insurance agent indicating current commercial general liability insurance and automobile coverage meet the requirements of Section 4.
    4. Copy of your Health and Safety Policy.
    5. Current Financial Statement showing that you have the financial resources to undertake this project.




Information submitted within the CCDC Form 11 submission and the Project Reference Sheets will be scored using the criteria and weightings identified in Table 1.  If the evaluation committee determines that the project reference sheets are not inclusive of projects known to be completed by the applicant but have not been included in the Form 11 or Reference sheet submission, the evaluation committee reserves the right to contact municipalities whom have contracted the applicant and review the past project experience for inclusion in this evaluation.


TABLE 1: Rating Evaluation Criteria

Company History

10 Points

1 point will be assigned for each year of operation, up to 10 years.

Project Experience

10 Points

Annual Construction Volume

             < $1M – 0 points

             $1M to $5M – 5 points

              > $5M – 10 points

 50 Points

Related Project Experience

Contractor does not exhibit relevant Experience – 0 points

Contractor shows little relevant experience – 0 to 30 points

Contractor provided 3 relevant projects completed in past 5 years – 30 to 40 points

Contractor demonstrates extensive experience – 40 to 50 points

** References will be used to substantiate project experience

Project Manager

5 Points

Resume indicated doubtful qualifications – 0 points

Resume is satisfactory – 3 points

Resume indicates excellent performance – 5 points

Site Supervisor

5 Points

History of Liens and Litigations

10 Points

Based on types, frequency, and history


5 Points

Based on H and S policy and CAD 7/Neer Calculation/ MAP

Contractor’s Submission

5 Points

Contractor’s Submission was incomplete – 0 points

Contractor’s Submission met minimum requirements – 3 points

Contractor’s submission was well organized, complete and demonstrates extra effort – 5 points


100 Points









PROJECT NAME: ________________________________________________________________________________________

YEAR PROJECT STARTED____________________________ YEAR PROJECT COMPLETED ______________________________

TENDER BID AMOUNT______________________________                FINAL CONTRACT PRICE__________________________________

LIST GENERAL CONTRACTOR AND ALL SUBCONTRACTORS:______________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

DETAIL OF WORK PERFORMED ____________________________________________________________________________




CONTRACTOR NAME:_________________________________________________________________


CITY_____________________________               PROVINCE__________           POSTAL CODE___________________

CONTACT NAME________________________________     TITLE_________________________________

PHONE NUMBER___________________ EMAIL____________________________________________


CONTRACTOR NAME:_________________________________________________________________


CITY_____________________________               PROVINCE__________           POSTAL CODE___________________

PROJECT MANAGER___________________________________________________________________

SITE SUPER__________________________________________________________________________

ATTENTION REFERENCE: We have received a request from the Contractor to be prequalified for our project.  They indicated that they have performed work for your organization. Please complete this form to evaluate your experience with the Contractor and fax it to 613-935-6450.


  1. Superintendent/Workmen                                                     ?GOOD     ?AVERAGE     ? POOR
  2. Equipment                                                                              ?GOOD     ?AVERAGE     ? POOR
  3. Workmanship                                                                         ?GOOD     ?AVERAGE     ? POOR
  4. Safety                                                                                      ?GOOD     ?AVERAGE     ? POOR
  5. Scheduling                                                                              ?GOOD     ?AVERAGE     ? POOR
  6. Cooperation                                                                            ?GOOD     ?AVERAGE     ? POOR
  7. Office Support                                                                         ?GOOD     ?AVERAGE     ? POOR
  8. Adherence to Plans and Specifications                                  ?GOOD     ?AVERAGE     ? POOR
  9. Quality of Completed Project                                                 ?GOOD     ?AVERAGE     ? POOR
  10. Would you use them again?                                                  ?YES          ?NO


COMMENTS:  ____________________________________________________________________________






APPENDIX B – Example Surety Prequalification Letter




RE: Surety’s Letter for Prequalification for <<<INSERT PROJECT NAME>>>

Dear Sir/Madame:

We are the Surety for <<<INSERT CONTRACTOR’S NAME>>>.  They have demonstrated to us in the past an ability to complete their projects in accordance with the conditions of their contracts and we have no hesitation in recommending their services to you.

Our client wishes to be prequalified as a bidder on the captioned project, which we understand will be in the range of $<<<INSERT COST>>>.  Based on the limited information available at this time and subject to our assessment of the project and our client’s work program at the time of tender, we do not anticipate a problem in supporting the captioned project and supplying the requisite bonds, if asked to do so.  However, the execution of any bonds will be subject to an assessment of the final contract terms, conditions, financing and bond forms by our client and ourselves.

If we can provide any further assurance, please do not hesitate to call upon us.

Your Sincerely,










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