North Glengarry Passes New Strategic Plan

Posted on Tuesday March 28, 2023

North Glengarry Ontario – On March 2nd and 3rd, North Glengarry Council met off site to engage in the strategic planning exercise for the new term of Council. Every four years, Council sets their priorities for the term, in the form of a Strategic Plan. The former Council approved the Strategic Plan in 2019, with three goals and objectives: infrastructure, assets, and services. Most of the plan was achieved, and those not achieved were due to external factors such as funding, other levels of government, or the pandemic.

The main priority identified for the Township was development. From this, three strategic pillars were identified as GROW, FOSTER and CHAMPION, which will be built on a foundation of human resources, information technology, financial stability and corporate values. These pillars will be achieved through the identified development, sustainability, and advocacy strategies. Under each of these strategic areas there are detailed action plans, which will encompass public consultation.

For the full press release and to read the Strategic Plan, please see the attachments. 

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