Ontario Investing in Local Emergency Preparedness and Response in Glengarry - Prescott - Russell

Posted on Monday May 13, 2024

Ontario Investing in Local Emergency Preparedness and Response in Glengarry - Prescott - Russell

Targeted investments will help keep communities safe during emergencies

Hawkesbury — The Ontario government is investing $50,000 in each of the following townships: The Corporation Township of East Hawkesbury, The Corporation of the Town of Hawkesbury, The Township of North Glengarry, The Corporation of the Township of Champlain and the United Counties of Prescott and Russell, to help them prepare for and respond to emergencies. Funding is being delivered through the Community Emergency Preparedness Grant, a $5 million investment to help communities and organizations purchase critical supplies, equipment and deliver training and services.

"As the MPP of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, I am pleased to see the allocation of this $50,000 grant towards bolstering emergency preparedness initiatives in Ontario. This funding will not only enhance our region's resilience but also contribute to the safety and well-being of our communities," said MPP Stéphane Sarrazin

“Through the Community Emergency Preparedness Grant, our government is stepping up to ensure Ontario is safe, practiced and prepared for any type of emergency,” said Caroline Mulroney, President of the Treasury Board and Minister responsible for Emergency Management. “From floods to wildland fires, these targeted investments will empower communities and organizations to enhance their emergency response. Whether it’s building up local fire departments or enabling more efficient search and rescue operations, our government is giving communities the tools and resources they need to keep people safe.”

The funding is supporting 113 recipients across Ontario including municipalities, local services boards, First Nation communities, Tribal Councils, Indigenous service organizations and non-governmental organizations with mandates in emergency preparedness.

"The Township of East Hawkesbury is extremely grateful for this instrumental grant that has allowed us to procure a generator for our community center.  In an era and geographical area where natural disasters are becoming more and more common, this piece of equipment will assist us tremendously in caring for and protecting our citizens and visitors in times of need. " quoted Robert Kirby, mayor of the Township of East Hawkesbury

"The town of Hawkesbury places paramount importance on the safety and resilience of our community. We are deeply grateful for the provincial grant of $50,000 that we have received to help with the purchase of a generator for our emergency shelter at the Robert Hartley Sports Complex. This contribution enhances our ability to deal with emergency situations and ensure the safety of our residents when needed." mentioned Robert Lefebvre, mayor of the Township of Hawkesbury

"Recently, the Township of North Glengarry has seen a sharp increase in weather-related events that have affected the utilities in the municipality. The amount of $50,000, received through the Community Emergency Preparedness Grant from the Province of Ontario, will fund in part the installation of a natural gas generator at the Glengarry Sports Palace in Alexandria. During future emergencies, the facility will be a safe place for members of the community to recharge their phones or battery-operated medical equipment, keep warm or cool, access food preparation spaces, bathrooms, and take showers, no matter the length of the incident. " said Jamie MacDonald, mayor of the Township of North Glengarry

"With the generous support of $50,000 from the Emergency Preparedness Grant Program, our municipality will be able to ensure continuity of services to the community during a power outage. The installation of a generator at the Town Hall not only guarantees uninterrupted power during outages but also solidifies our role as the emergency backup for the Hawkesbury Fire Dispatch. This investment in preparedness is a testament to our commitment to safeguarding our citizens and essential services, come what may." stated Normand Riopel, mayor of the township of Champlain.

"The increase in extreme weather events and the impacts they have on our communities exert significant pressure on our municipal administrations, especially in terms of resources. Therefore, we welcome the financial support provided by the province, which will allow us to respond more quickly and effectively to emergency situations, thus enhancing the level of security within our communities," explained Mr. Normand Riopel, Acting Warden of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell.

The Community Emergency Preparedness Grant is part of the $110 million the government earmarked over the next three years to strengthen emergency preparedness in Ontario. The province will continue to make substantial investments and expand training programs to support Ontario’s whole-of-government approach to emergency management and response.


  • Eligible applicants had to be located in Ontario and included:
    • Non-governmental organizations that have a mandate in emergency preparedness
    • Local services boards
    • First Nation communities; Indigenous organizations, including Tribal Councils; and other Indigenous service organizations that support emergency management programming in First Nation communities
    • Small- and medium-sized municipalities (those with populations under 100,000 as per Statistics Canada data from 2021)






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