The Township of North Glengarry invites citizens to participate in strategic planning survey

Posted on Wednesday March 06, 2019
Strategic Planning Survey Poster
Strategic Planning Survey Poster

ALEXANDRIA, March 6, 2019 – Planning for the future takes vision, inspiration and a great deal of public participation. To create a strategic plan that reflects the goals and vision of our community, the Township of North Glengarry needs help. We need our citizens to step forward and tell us how they would like their community to be shaped.


For the entire month of March, North Glengarry’s citizens will have the opportunity to participate in an online survey that will be used to help guide the future actions and decisions of Council and Administration. This information will help shape planning, approvals, policies, bylaws, budgets, services and growth. The online survey is available at and it should take only a few minutes to complete. The five questions asked in the survey are:


  1. 1.       In your opinion, what makes NORTH GLENGARRY a great place to LIVE?


  1. 2.       What could be done to make NORTH GLENGARRY a better place to LIVE?


  1. 3.       What do you value most about NORTH GLENGARRY?


  1. 4.       Please describe the ideal NORTH GLENGARRY 10 years from now (live, work, play).


  1. 5.       What are the top 3 priority issues that need to be addressed in NORTH GLENGARRY?



The information gathered from these surveys will be complied by consultants from McSweeney and Associates; and provided to Council to use in the development of the Strategic Plan. This plan will help to define Council’s high-level vision and goals for the community. Based on those plans, Council and Staff will be able to develop departmental plans and multi-year budgets, which outline the initiatives and projects needed to ensure that we are moving towards the longer-term vision. 


“On behalf of Council, I am excited to begin our strategic planning process”, said North Glengarry Mayor Jamie MacDonald. “As part of the process Council felt it was important to reach out to our residents and get their input. An online survey is a great way to do that,” said the Mayor.




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