North Glengarry residents can now drop off batteries and small electronics at R.A.R.E. for safe recycling

Posted on Friday July 31, 2020
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Alexandria, Ontario, July 31, 2020 – North Glengarry is committed to doing what we can to encourage our residents to recycle and to preserve the environment. We are excited to share the news that batteries, including rechargeable ones, can now be dropped off at the R.A.R.E. recycling facility for recycling. Batteries were formerly treated as hazardous waste and were only collected once per year during the Household Hazardous Waste collection, which is scheduled to take place this year on Saturday, August 1, 2020, from 8 am to 1 pm, at R.A.R.E.

There have also been some important changes to the list of electronics devices that can be recycled.

R.A.R.E. continues to accept computer and audio-visual equipment, but residents can now also drop off their small electronic, electric and battery-operated appliances for recycling; as well as power tools, most small kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners and more. We ask that residents please do not include these items in your blue bins. In order to correctly and safely dispose of batteries and small electronics, you need to bring them directly to the R.A.R.E. recycling facility. If you put them in your blue box, they will be destroyed by the compactor trucks and end up in the garbage.

R.A.R.E. cannot accept large appliances such as fridges, stoves or treadmills. In order to dispose of these kinds of household items, you would need to bring them to either a local scrap year, or the Glen Robertson Landfill, depending on what you are hoping to dispose of.

The Glen Robertson Landfill is located at 3485 SD&G County Road 23, in Glen Robertson. During the summer, the landfill is open on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm (summer hours only). Only residential dry waste is accepted, and it is limited to North Glengarry residents.

Construction waste can be disposed of at the Moose Creek Landfill, in Moose Creek, Ontario.

If you’re not sure where to properly dispose of your waste or recycling, contact the staff at R.A.R.E. and they will help guide you through the process. You can reach them at T. 613.525.5112.

Residents can drop off batteries and small electronics at R.A.R.E. during regular opening hours, from Monday to Friday, between 7 am and 3:30 pm. R.A.R.E. is located at 265 Industrial Blvd., in Alexandria.


Which types of batteries will be accepted?


Rechargeable batteries:

SSLA/PB Small Sealed Lead Acid


Ni-MH Nickel Metal Hydride


Ni-ZN Nickle Zinc


Li Ion Lithium Ion


Ni-Cd Nickel Cadium


Single Use Batteries:



Lithium Primary




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