IHA Canada Inc. breaks ground on Glengarry Hills Senior Village in Alexandria

Posted on Friday September 09, 2022

Alexandria, ON – September 8, 2022 - IHA Canada Inc. held a ground-breaking ceremony on September 8, 2022, celebrating the start of construction of a unique senior living community in Alexandria, Ontario — Glengarry Hills. IHA Canada established a vision of “Building a Better Future for Seniors in Canada” three years ago and are very pleased that that vision is becoming a reality right here in Alexandria, located in the Township of North Glengarry.

Glengarry Hills is a 750 unit Senior’s Village that has been carefully designed with the goal of enabling Seniors to ‘Age in Place’ within a peaceful but vibrant and active community. The village will provide seniors with modern, environmentally friendly, affordable rental accommodations. In addition, seniors will have access to a full range of home and health care services when they are needed. The village will also have a wide range of amenities geared towards the specific needs and wants of seniors living in the village. Glengarry Hills is situated in immediate proximity to the Glengarry Memorial Hospital, and it is within a leisurely walking distance to the downtown core of Alexandria.

Steve Grieveson, President and CEO of IHA Canada Inc., said, “We look forward to creating a ‘Campus of Care’ in Alexandria. It will be a state of the art, thriving community for our seniors who will have access to a full spectrum and fully integrated suite of personalized home, health care and concierge services. We certainly couldn’t have made it this far without the innovation, hard work, and dedication not only from our design and development team, but all of our partners, as well as from the entire community including North Glengarry Township Council.” North Glengarry Mayor, Jamie MacDonald, celebrates the ground-breaking. “Glengarry Hills will not only bring positive economic impact to Alexandria and surrounding areas; it will serve the needs of our older residents — in the town they love and in a community that allows them to live life to the fullest.”

The village was designed for seniors who want to feel like they are part of an active community where they can support each other and can actively participate to whatever level they feel comfortable with. Community, social and wellness are built into the Village with activity centers, social gathering hubs, walkways, gardens, green spaces, and other unique attractions. Residents can even be involved with contributing to and running the village.

“Creating an inclusive and supportive environment for residents is at the center of all IHA Senior Villages,” said Will Ball, IHA Founder and VP of Engineering and Technology. “Glengarry Hills is a modern-day village that puts the needs of our residents first while aligning with the expectations of today’s seniors who desire more choices.” Christopher Simmonds, Principal of Simmonds Architecture, said “We have strived to create a design which will successfully provide an integrated community where all occupants will be able to enjoy a strong sense of connectivity to their neighbors, the many open green spaces and pathways within the community, and the beauty of the surrounding landscape.”

Glengarry Hills Village is a mix of singles, duplexes, townhouses and apartments in a pocket neighbourhood setting. Barrier free units are available throughout the village to support residents with mobility issues. All units have built in infrastructure to allow for mobility assistance as required — bed lifts, slip and fall prevention, stability aids, etc. All units will have leading edge smart technologies and infrastructure fully integrated allowing advanced health care monitoring technology to help support independent living as long as possible for people who need and desire it.

“OakWood is excited to partner with IHA on the first of many villages to come,” noted John Liptak, CEO of OakWood. “Their commitment to building a community with high quality homes built to carbon zero standards, is something we are passionate about,” he continued.

Unique Eco-Friendly Features of the Village

  • This village is designed as a Carbon Zero housing project. It will have the highest level of energy efficiency available in the housing market today. The village infrastructure has been designed to allow easy integration of future technology advancements and green initiatives.
  • The entire community is being designed with district heating and cooling systems (more commonly found in Europe) in order to maximize efficiency, minimize operating costs and supporting the goal of combating climate change.
  • Modular prefabricated homes will be built using advanced robotic manufacturing techniques at a new state of the art facility, at Nubuild by OakWood, the first of its kind in Canada.
  • The village will have integrated renewable energy infrastructure throughout the village.
  • Stormwater management has been designed using Low Impact Development principles to encourage groundwater recharge and reduce downstream runoff.
  • Creation of an onsite a tree nursery to grow both new native trees and shrubs as well as to replant existing trees and shrubs during development, which can later be recycled or reused.

IHA is very excited to have Sabby Duthie join the team as the new President and COO of IHA Canada Inc. She has been in the field of senior housing for over 20 years and is a strong advocate for our seniors. "IHA has raised the bar in senior accommodation. It is all about choice at Glengarry Hills Senior Village. Others talk about it but IHA is building a village that promotes and gives our seniors a voice as to what they want,” said Sabby Duthie. I am excited and thrilled to be part of IHA to help build an active and vibrant community for our seniors. About IHA Canada Inc.

IHA Canada Inc. is an innovative housing developer, specializing in state-of-the-art Independent Living and
Assisted Living ‘Campus of Care’ communities for seniors. IHA Canada and our partners strongly believe in and actively promote the ‘age in place’ social model and personalized care at an affordable price. Our ultimate goal is providing a better quality of life for our growing seniors population. We also place a priority on stewardship and respecting our environment in all aspects of our development and operation activities. In addition, IHA Canada also utilizes leading edge technology to assist in the advanced delivery of home-based healthcare, telemedicine, virtual care and other related support services.

For more information, visit www.glengarryhills.ca, or please contact:
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