Canada Community-Building Fund Assists with Resurfacing Projects

Posted on Monday November 06, 2023
Clara Street After
Clara Street After

The Canada Community-Building Fund was instrumental in the successful resurfacing of Emma Street, Tobin Street, Clara Street and Florence Street in Glen Robertson. 

Total project cost budgeted was $803,784 with total CCBF funding of $640,000 to be used to help fund it.  The project cost was $1,982600, which included a joint tender with the SDG Counties, as they were including some of their own works.

Thin asphalt overlays were applied to approximately 3.3 km of the existing pavement to remedy surface problems (such as mild severity cracks, ravelling, and friction loss), protect the pavement, and raise the structural profile. Only roads in the Village of Glen Robertson were being rehabilitated under this project in order to keep costs down.

Please see the attached images for the before and after of some of the project. 


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