Burn Ban Lifted on April 23, 2020

Posted on Thursday April 23, 2020
Burn Ban lifted
Burn Ban lifted

Alexandria, Ontario, April 23, 2020 – Effective today, the Township of North Glengarry has lifted the Total Burn Ban, which went into effect on April 3. The decision to enforce a Total Burn Ban was made as part of the preventive measures enacted to protect our fire department staff and during COVID-19 and the approaching dry season.   


North Glengarry Fire Chief Matthew Roy has been closely monitoring the situation and decided this week, to lift the ban.


“We would like to thank our residents for supporting our local firefighters during the burn ban. We recognize that many of you are eager to resume burning for both agricultural and recreational purposes. We remind residents that any and all Open Air fires require burn permits and that our residents must follow all of the rules that accompany their burn permit. We need your help to keep our community safe”, said North Glengarry Fire Chief Matthew Roy.


Residents who had previously received their burn permits can now burn, provided that they are following the conditions set forth within the Township’s Burn By-Law. This includes refraining from all fires when conditions are not favourable, such as on windy days where the wind velocity is greater than 15 kilometres per hour.


All Open Air burns must be monitored at all times; and it is never permitted to burn noxious materials, such as tires, plastics, garbage or construction materials.


Burn Permits are available online at the Township of North Glengarry’s website at www.northglengarry.ca or through the direct link at https://northglengarry.burnpermits.com/. Burn permits take about 48-hours to process and are currently only available online. For assistance with your permit, you can call our Fire Department Administrator at T.613-525-1110 ext. 200 or email fireadmin@northglengarry.ca


It is illegal to have an Open Air fire without a burn permit. Offenders may face fines.


Big or Small, Fire Safety is For All. 




Sarah Huskinson, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Township of North Glengarry

cao@northglengarry.ca/ T. 613-525-1110 /  www.northglengarry.ca 


Matthew Roy, Fire Chief, North Glengarry Fire Department

firechief@northglengarry.ca / T.613-525-1110 / www.northglengarry.ca 

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