Water line replacement on Centre Street - Construction starting August 13

Posted on Monday August 13, 2018

ALEXANDRIA, August 14, 2018 – Summer is the season of construction. We hate to interrupt your daily patterns with traffic cones and barricades, but the Township remains committed to ensuring that our residents have high quality infrastructures, safe roads and clean drinking water.

On August 13, our Water Works Department began construction on Centre Street, between Main Street South and Bishop Street South, in Alexandria. Work crews will be busy replacing the 4” ductile iron water main with a new 6” PVC pipe. This will improve the quality and quantity of water flowing to affected residents.

Crews will begin work by constructing a temporary overland water main which will be installed during the week of August 13. Construction of the new water line is expected to begin on August 20.

In order to minimize water pressure losses, Water Works staff may be required to enter your residence to hook up a temporary service. The entire project is expected to take five weeks to complete.

Please obey all traffic signs during this period of construction, to ensure the safety of the construction workers. The Township of North Glengarry apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.

For further information, contact Dean McDonald, North Glengarry Environmental Services Manager at Tel. 613-525-3087, or by email at waterworks@northglengarry.ca.  

How Will I be affected by the upgrades to the water system?

During the construction process taking place in your area, you may notice the following changes:

o    Your water may become cloudy or discoloured.

o    Your water supply may be interrupted for short periods of time

o    You may experience lower than normal water pressure.

o    A boil water advisory may be issued.

Please contact our Water Works Department if your water remains discoloured after running your taps for more than 20 minutes. The Water Works Department can be reached at Tel: 613-525-3087


Sarah Huskinson, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Township of North Glengarry

cao@northglengarry.ca/ T. 613-525-1110 / F. 613-525-1649/ www.northglengarry.ca


Dean McDonald, Environmental Services Manager, Township of North Glengarry

waterworks@northglengarry.ca / T. 613-525-3087 / F. 613-525-1649/  www.northglengarry.ca

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