Mill Pond - Spring / Summer 2019

Posted on Wednesday May 08, 2019

Mill Pond – Spring / Summer 2019


Alexandria, May 8, 2019 - This spring the Township of North Glengarry will continue its efforts to continue to improve conditions at Mill Pond.

Residents will once again see the large weed harvester moving around Mill Pond to deal with the excessive weed growth that we have witnessed in the past. Beginning in mid-June, the harvester will cut and collect large swaths of weeds which will be gathered and composted off site.

The Geese Management Program that was put in place over the last few years has been extremely successful and as a result, goose droppings were decreased to ensure that we meet the Eastern Ontario Health Unit’s specifications recommended for a body of water used for primary contact recreation activities. We will continue to make the park less hospitable to geese through the use of decoys and oiling of eggs. All of these measures meet the permit requirements received from Environment Canada.

As in the past, we are happy to hear about any concerns in regards to these activities and would like to remind residents that the Township encourages the planting of shrubs or other natural planting near the shoreline. Shoreline planting has multiple benefits: preventing geese from easily accessing your property, minimizing shoreline soil erosion and trapping phosphorous and other elements that cause algae growth in the pond.

If you have any questions or concerns with our approaches this spring and summer please do not hesitate to contact us at (613) 525-1110 or email


Sarah Huskinson, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), North Glengarry Township / T. 613-525-1110 / F. 613-525-1649 /



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