Total Fire Ban in effect for North Glengarry

Posted on Monday July 06, 2020
burn ban poster
Total fire ban poster

Alexandria, Ontario, July 6, 2020 – Effective today at 9 am, the Township of North Glengarry Fire Department has imposed a total fire ban within the limits of the township.


All residents with an active burn permit will receive a notification of the change of status, which invalidates their burn permits for the duration of the fire ban. Residents with active burn permits will receive a follow-up notification, once the total fire ban has been lifted.


In order to reach as many residents as possible, news of the fire ban has been posted to the North Glengarry Fire Department Facebook Page and signs will also be posted at town entrances.


“The decision to impose a total fire ban is based on the extremely dry conditions we currently face. It’s only expected to get worse, as temperatures continue to soar throughout the week,” said North Glengarry Fire Chief Matthew Roy.


The total fire ban will remain in place until further notice. The fire ban will remain in effect until the dry conditions improve significantly.

What does this mean?


  1. No permits being issued – All current permits are now suspended.
  2. No Campfires
  3. No Incinerator burns
  4. No Fireworks, torches or lanterns
  5. No burning


Barbecues are allowed, as are natural gas, propane, or oil outdoor fireplaces, but wood or solid-fuel outdoor fireplaces are not permitted.


What can I do to help reduce the spread of forest fires during a period of heightened risk?


  1. Don't throw lit cigarettes out of your moving car. Cigarettes continue to be one of the leading causes of forest fires.
  2. Use caution when using flammable liquids.
  3. When cutting your grass, be careful of sparks that could be created if you strike a rock or other hard surface.
  4. Contact the fire department to report unauthorized burning or unattended fires.


If you have any questions, please contact the North Glengarry Fire Department by phone at T. 613-525-1110 ext. 200 or email

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