Notice of the Passing of a Zoning By-Law

Posted on Monday February 12, 2024

TAKE NOTICE that the Council of the Corporation of the Township of North Glengarry passed By-Law Number Z17-2023, on the 29th day of January, under Section 34 of the Planning Act. 

THE PURPOSE of the Zoning By-Law Amendment is to:

Re-zone the retained portion of the property from General Agricultural (AG) to General Agricultural - Special Exception (AG-240) to:

-prohibit resident development 


To re-zone the severed portion from General Agriculture (AG) to General Agricultural Special Exception (AG-241) to:

-prohibit agricultural uses

-permit the interior yard setback deficiency from the required 12m to the proposed 8.41m for the accessory storage building and;

-permit the building height of a residential accessory storage building being higher than the maximum 5m. 


For the complete notice please see the attachment. 


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