AccessE11 Citizen Issue Management

Welcome to AccessE11 Citizen Issue Management

AccessE11 is a web-based system that provides residents a simple and effective way to report concerns and issues. This system is intended to provide a more streamlined approach to issue management.

Once a resident submits an issue through the form, staff are notified within minutes and the issue is uploaded into AccessE11 for review. After review, the case will be given a priority level and assigned to the appropriate staff member.

Additional information is provided to residents via an automatic email after submitting the form. Residents will then be able to view updates to their case, ask additional questions and provide supporting attachments such as photos and videos through their personal web-based portal.

Residents will not be asked to provide a username or password to access their case.

In response to accessibility needs, residents are also able to submit a concern or issue by phone at 613-525-1110 and in person at the Township office.

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