Burn Permits

Fire By-Law Information Points

IMPORTANT NOTE: The information below is a summary of some key points in our Open Air Fire By-law but is not a complete list.

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By-law #04-2019

  • Open air fires and agricultural land clearing requires a permit - see Part 4 & 5. Burning in settlement area boundaries are not permitted.
  • Recreational fires require a permit and must meet all conditions below:

a) Flame base must be less than 1 square meter.

b) Must be located not less than 5 meters from any type of structure or property line.

c) Must not create a nuisance to other property owners.

d) Only dry, clean wood or charcoal shall be burned.

e) Except in rural or agricultural zones, the fire must be completely covered with a spark guard.

  • Any cost associated with the Fire Department in extinguishing a fire will be levied against the property owner. 

Applying for a Burn Permit:

Three Types of Open Air Fires:

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Your application could take up to a full business day to be processed so be sure that you complete the form at least 24 hrs in advance. Permits required for a weekend should be submitted by Thursday at the latest to ensure your request is handled on time.

Should you require a Burn Permit download the Application for Burn form.

  • Complete the form
  • Return the form to fireadmin@northglengarry.ca or
  • Return the form to the Township Office located at 90 Main Street South, Alexandria ON K0C 1A0

You will be contacted within 24 hrs advising you of the status of your application.

NOTE: If you have any further questions regarding burn permits, please contact our office at 613-525-1110. Please be aware that while our reception staff can give you general information, they are unable to approve permits. They will take your information and a member of our by-law department will contact you as soon as possible.

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