Children and Youth

Child Care Fee Subsidy

Child Care Fee Subsidy is a program that helps eligible families pay for child care costs at licensed programs in the community.  Limited child care fee subsidy is available for children from birth to 12 years who need to be in a child care program because parents are working, attending school, training or participating in upgrading skill courses. Eligible hours of child care are based on the parent's hours of work, school and participation in upgrading skill courses. The subsidy is provided to licensed child care programs on behalf of eligible families. Families needing additional information or to apply can contact the City of Cornwall, Child Care Services Division at 613-933-6282 ext. 3310 or open a new window to access information on the Child Care Fee Subsidy.

GIAG Youth Services Programming

The North Glengarry Youth Centre (NGYC) is a safe haven for youth where teenagers are considered as being part of the community. The NGYC is composed of youth and adults working together to create a safe haven for youth where they can learn to become a part of their community. What is done specifically can vary from day to day since youth interests are abundant. The North Glengarry Youth Centre offers recreational and educational activities that focus on community involvement, health & wellness as well as life skills.

During the course of the year, youth are encouraged to participate in a variety of recreational activities such as sports, cooking nights, fear factor, outdoor games, craft nights and various other fun activities!. Community involvement is also very important and part of North Glengarry Youth Centre's philosophy. It is through this sustainable and loyal support that the following activities take place at the NGYC.

Contact GIAG at 613-525-1533 or open a new window to visit the GIAG website for details on this program.


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