Community Grant Program

INTAKE PERIOD FOR THE 2023 COMMUNITY GRANT PROGRAM HAS CLOSED - Please check back in September 2023 for the next intake opening. 

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Introduction / Policy Statement:

In accordance with its official plan, the Township of North Glengarry (the Township) wishes to promote a varied and rich quality of life for all its residents and visitors. At times, community groups and organizations in North Glengarry need financial assistance to support community-based special projects or events.

The Community Grant Policy has been created to provide limited financial assistance to community groups and not-for-profit organizations within the Township to assist with various activities. This support is in recognition of the value of these groups to the well being and growth of the community and is to help the municipality retain a strong community focus.

This policy and related forms is meant to streamline processing of grant requests and to ensure that any funds are distributed in an open, fair and accountable process and to the best benefit of the community. 

Funding Options:

Each year, as part of the annual budget process, Council will determine a financial commitment to the "Community Grant Program". This money will be available for direct Community grants.

In addition to direct grants, "in-kind" grants may also be considered. "In-kind" grants may consist of the use of municipal property at reduced or no cost, providing permit fees, municipal staff support, loan of equipment or material. 

Priorities for Funding:

  • Arts, Culture and Heritage projects or events
  • Community Beautification projects or events
  • Special Events
  • Tourism Development projects or events 
  • Historical Plaques


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