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Fresh fruit and vegetables!

The Glengarry Green Food Box is a nonprofit program that brings neighbours together to buy quality fresh fruit and vegetables at wholesale prices.

How much does it cost?

The Green Food Box is available at a cost of $10. A box is usually enough to feed one to two people. You save money because we buy our produce in bulk from trustworthy suppliers. When possible, we try to purchase our fruits and vegetables locally.

What do you get in a box?

While the fruits and vegetables vary every month, the boxes often contain favourites such as lettuce, potatoes, carrots and apples, as well as seasonal treats such as oranges, kiwis, cucumbers and squash. Each box also contains a newsletter with nutritional information, recipes and cooking tips. 

How does it work?

Alexandria: Clients order and pay for their boxes by the first Friday of each month and pick up their boxes from the Sandfield Centre (102 Derby Street, Alexandria) on the third Thursday of every month.

Maxville: Clients may order by the first of the month at the Maxville Scotiabank (4 Mechanic Street West, Maxville) for the next pick-up date.

Who can participate?

Anyone who enjoys fresh fruits and vegetables at a great price.

If you want more information, if you're interested in being part of our team of volunteers or want to find out where to purchase your Green Food Box, please contact the Eastern Ontario Health Unit 1-800-267-7120or the Centre de santé communautaire de l'Estrie 613-525-5544

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