Please note, starting July 8th, 2024 and going until November, the Township of North Glengarry will be replacing the Dominion Street bridge.
The Dominion Street Bridge was surveyed in 2019 and it was recommended that the best option for a long term service life extension would be the full like-for-like structure replacement, which will provide an expected service life of 75 years. Also, by implementing a like-for-like structure replacement, the footprint of the new structure would not exceed that of the existing structure, which should not result in long-term/permanent detrimental impacts on fish/fish habitat.

As this means removing the bridge completely, Dominion Street South will be closed from Centre Street to St. Paul Street until the work is completed. Local traffic and emergency access will be allowed.


In addition, starting July 8th, 2024 and going until September, the Township of North Glengarry will be starting rehabilitation on the Bishop Street bridge. This will include removing and replacing asphalt and waterproofing over bridge deck, partial concrete deck and soffit repairs, partial depth repairs on abutments and wingwalls, steel repairs of truss members, resurface existing expansion joint blockout with elastomeric concrete and replace joint seals, remove existing and install new bridge barrier, remove and replace approach steel beam guiderail including end treatments, remove and reinstate asphalt on approaches. 

During this, Bishop Street bridge will be open to pedestrians, however Bishop Street will remain closed except emergency access, from Centre Street to St. Paul Street until the work is completed.

Originally when the tenders went out for these bridge projects last year, the pricing was non-competitive due to market conditions, which gave us an inflated cost. To ensure the best cost for the Township and residents, the bridges were ultimately packaged together, and the construction was pushed to this year. 



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