De-stress Your Commute!

Via Rail Train - Alexandria Station 

The Via Rail station, located in Alexandria, is an unstaffed station equipped with a self-service kiosk. There is free  parking on site for both short and long term purposes.

The station opens as a shelter 30 minutes prior to arrival and closes 30 minutes after departure.

For more information about this particular station, click here to visit the offical VIA Rail website

Commuter Bus Service

The 417 Bus Lines provides a daily commuter coach service that travels between Alexandria, Maxville and Ottawa / Gatineau. Perhaps you've seen our one-of-a-kind bus making its daily trip? Imagine a stress-free ride to work while sipping coffee and plugging into your tablet or phone without worry or get a head start on planning your day. Save yourself the aggravation, parking fees, mileage on your car and gas money that go into driving to work every day.

The coach uses the OC Transpo Transitway so it skips a lot of headaches that car commuters have to deal with!  

And the monthly passes are tax deductible! You can't say that about gas prices or oil changes! What are you waiting for? De-stress your commute and live in North Glengarry!

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Home Values

For the same cost of a townhouse or semi in or around Ottawa East or Montreal, you could get a beautiful home with lots of space for the kids and rural charm that you can only get in a community like North Glengarry. Open a new window to view the Real Estate Page to make the comparison for yourself.

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