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Home Values

For the same cost of a townhouse or semi in or around Ottawa East or Montreal, you could get a beautiful home with lots of space for the kids and rural charm that you can only get in a community like North Glengarry. Take a look below at just two typical examples (one rural and one with municipal services) of what $300,000 can get you in North Glengarry. 

Ottawa East: $300,000 (condo or row house)

  Backyard   300 sq ft
  Neighbours   Plentiful and nearby
  Commute   Painful and slow





Picture of a Condo ComplexPicture of a House

  North Glengarry (Alexandria or Maxville): $300,000

  Backyard  2000+ sq ft
  Neighbours  2 - on a quiet small town street or none if in the country
  Commute  Montreal & Ottawa are less than 1 hour away





 Home in North Glengarry   Trail in North GLengarry


Real Estate Offices

There are several real estate offices in our area that are ready to assist you with your move or look up MLS listings in our area.

Cornwall, ON


Decoste Realty
28 Main St N


Royal LePage
139 Main St S


Sauve Real Estate Ltd.

39 Main St N


Storm Realty

Cornwall, ON


Vaillancourt Realty

405 Main St S












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