Dome Soccer Programs

The Tim Horton's Dome features a 90' x 180' indoor rubberized Soccer Field and is located at 202 St. Georges Street West, Alexandria ON K0C 1A0.

For more information:

  • Call the Tim Hortons Dome directly at 613-525-0614
  • Open a new window to email Recreation for more information or to rent a the facility
  • Call the Recreation Department at 613-662-2765

Field Rental Fees

  2018 2019

Prime Time - Weekdays 5 pm-10 pm and Weekends 9 am-6 pm

1 hour

1 hour School

$107.00 (Including HST)

$65.00 (+ HST)

$109.00 (Including HST)

$78.00 (Including HST)

Non-Prime Time

1 hour

1 hour School

$82.00 (Including HST)

$50.00 (+ HST)

$83.00 (Including HST)

$58.00 (Including HST)

Summer Rental - May to October

1 hour $49.00 (Including HST) $50.00 (Including HST)

Indoor Soccer Programs

The Indoor Soccer begins annually in mid-October.

Open a new window to view the Glengarry Soccer League website,  email the Glengarry Soccer League or call 855-569-9228 for more information

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