Glengarry Routes

Glengarry Routes ImageThe Glengarry Routes Heritage Tour Brochure is a collection of inventoried natural and built heritage locations amassed through a collaborative project between the Townships of North and South Glengarry. The Brochure highlight Glengarry's heritage through several driving tours that last one hour on average but may go much longer if you choose to stop in and visit our friendly shop keepers along the way!

The starting point for the North Glengarry tours are Alexandria and Maxville. We invite you to take a leisurely drive through our breathtaking landscape to visit the wonderful attractions in our community.

The brochure is available in paper format with the merchants in Alexandria and Maxville, as well as at our Township office located at 3720 County Road 34, R.R. 2, Alexandria. It can be downloaded through the link below.

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