Before You Dig

Procedures for Calling Locates

Information you will need available when you call for locates before digging or excavating:

  • Address where locates needs to be done
  • Closest intersections / cross streets
  • Side of property that is being excavated
  • Start time of job (emergency or planned job)

Record all information and who you spoke with, as well as times calls were made.

There is no situation that allows you to begin digging before a locate is done.


Utility Company Contact Telephone Number
Hydro One Networks

1-888-664-9376 (Business hours 8:30 - 4:30)

1-800-434-1235 (After hours emergencies only)

East Link Cable

1-800-667-2894 ext 2264 (Business hours 8:00-4:00)

1-705-560-3315 (After hours emergencies only)

Ontario One Call

1-800-400-2255 (24 hrs call centre)

Water Works Department

613-525-1110 ( Business Hours 8:00 - 4:00)

613-551-0429 ( On call Service after hours)

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