Permit FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Permits


How do I apply?

  • Complete application (Application can be obtained on line or at the Township Office)
  • Submit site plan (location of new or additional structures on property showing approx. dimensions)
  • Submit detailed construction plans, including:
  • Foundation
  • Floor plan
  • Cross section of wall
  • Elevations
  • Insulation Values
  • Roof structural design
  • Plumbing fixtures if applicable(Plans must indicate structural size)
  • Obtain septic design and application approval for new construction or for additional bedrooms or bathrooms from the Ontario Health Unit 1-800-267-8260.
  • Obtain entrance approval from County or Township Roads Departments
  • Pay permit fee

What else should be considered?

  • Bell Canada - location of phone cables
  • Gas - location of lines
  • Hydro - permits for electrical inspections, location of existing and future services
  • Insurance - coverage during construction
  • Heritage Buildings - review by LACAC

What is expected during construction?

Post permit: keep set of plans available. Notify inspector 48 hours before pouring footing, backfilling, completion of framing, plumbing, heating, fireplace rough-in, vapour barrier, insulation and final inspection

Why do I need inspections?

Inspections are a service paid by you through the permit fee. Proper inspections will ensure the site is safe and meets the Building & Fire Codes. This will protect your investment and maintain a standard or development for the municipality.

What happens if I don't get a permit?

Building without a permit is against the law and is subject to fines or penalties as set out in the Building Code Act.

I am looking to install a pool or inflatable pool. Do I need a permit?

Yes, a permit is required, contact the building Department for any questions about pools.

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