Half Load Restrictions

Please note that half load restrictions will begin on March 8th, 2021 on all township roads. The enforcement of the weight regulations will begin once the signs have been erected.

Half load restrictions were lifted on April 19th, 2021.

For further information, please call the Public Works Department at 613-525-3087. 

Winter Maintenance Policy

Want to know how the Township handles winter maintenance? View our Winter Maintenance Policy. 

Roads Need Study

The Township recognizes that in order to sustain services for its residents and for the competitiveness of its businesses, agriculture and industry, it must manage the Municipality's assets cost effectively.

For this reason, the Municipality completed a Road Needs Study in 2016. An updated study will be completed in 2021.

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The Study will provide the Municipality with a capital plan in order to manage the road network over the next five years.

The purpose of the Road Needs Study is to inventory and assess the road
network within the Municipality from which a financial program for the maintenance and capital improvements can be derived.

The goals of the Road Needs Study are to:

  • Inform Council on the existing conditions and needs of their road system.
  • Formulate a cost-effective long term maintenance and construction strategy within budgetary limitations.
  • Provide a projection of the future adequacy of the road system.
  • Provide a suggested year by year work plan for Council.
  • Provide recommendations on fleet complement and replacement schedule.
  • List repairs and studies necessary for equipment housing.

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