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North Glengarry Corporate Strategic Plan 2019-2023

With its unique and vibrant community, the Township of North Glengarry possesses an enviable quality of life, which is reflected in its rural and small-town character.  The Township is committed to preserving its agricultural and natural resources, its historical and cultural heritage, and its quality municipal services.  The Council of the Township of North Glengarry is united in their desire to do what is right for the Township by building a foundation for a great future and working with committed staff who are dedicated to making a difference.

The Township faces several challenges, but also has many exciting opportunities.  We need to ensure the Township remains viable and sustainable in the future.  This requires continued investment in our municipal assets and infrastructure, to ensure that we continue to offer exemplary services to the residents of North Glengarry. 

The purpose of developing a Corporate Strategic Plan is to establish where a community, as a whole, wants to be in the future and what actions will be taken to get there. The strategic priorities included in this plan are in addition to the ongoing critical work that is carried out by the Township Staff in each of its departments. 

We asked five questions of our residents and stakeholders to gather information on: Strengths, Challenges, Values, Vision and Priorities. We gathered this information from multiple sources: online and hard copy surveys, one-on-one interviews, focus groups, and strategic planning sessions.  We received 464 survey responses, completed 10 one-on-one interviews, conducted 4 focus groups with a variety of groups from the community, and held a Council and Staff Strategic Visioning Session.

From our Community Consultations and Strategic Planning Session, the result was that North Glengarry is a great place to live!  The strengths and values that were identified were: the people, our location, community assets, the natural environment, our culture and rich history. This Strategic Plan is focused on those values and sets achievable goals grouped into three main strategic focus areas: Infrastructure; Assets; and, Services.

The strategic goals and objectives and related action plan are detailed in this Corporate Strategic Plan.  The actions were formulated as a result of council priorities and community feedback.  Staff are committed to achieving these goals through the action plan and departmental workplans.

Please click the link to download a copy of the 2019-2023 Corporate Strategic Plan.

Mission Statement

The Township of North Glengarry is a unique and vibrant community in a strategic location, with an unsurpassed quality of life reflected in the rural and small town character and enhanced by a commitment to preserving agricultural and natural resources, historical and cultural heritage and quality municipal services.


  • Address infrastructure maintenance and renewal in a cost effective and sustainable manner.
  • Improve drinking water quality and quantity for those communities in need in North Glengarry.
  • Ensure that the Township of North Glengarry is investment ready and addressing opportunities for economic development.
  • Maintain and enhance recreational, cultural and historical assets that contribute to the quality of life in North Glengarry. 
  • Ensure adequate long term financial planning and financial accountability for all ratepayers.
  • Consistently provide high levels of municipal service to the ratepayers across all departments.
  • Improve communications with ratepayers through a more proactive approach to disseminating relevant and timely information.
  • Ensure that the corporation is adequately equipped with the human, financial and equipment resources needed to deliver the quality of municipal services the public requires.

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Le Canton de Glengarry nord est une communauté unique et dynamique avec une qualité de vie rurale  sans pareille, renforcée par un engagement à préserver les ressources agricoles et naturelles, le patrimoine historique et culturel et à la qualité des services municipaux.


  • L'entretien des infrastructures et le renouvellement de manière rentable et durable.
  • Améliorer la qualité et la quantité d'eau potable pour les communautés touchées dans le Canton de Glengarry nord.
  • Assurer que le Canton de Glengarry nord est prêt pour l'investissement ainsi que pour l'exploitation des possibilités de développement économique.
  • Maintenir et améliorer les atouts récréatifs, culturels et historiques qui contribuent à la qualité de vie dans Glengarry Nord.
  • Veiller à une planification financière à long terme et à une responsabilité financière pour tous les contribuables. 
  • Toujours fournir des services municipaux de qualité et ce a travers tous les départements municipaux.
  • Améliorer la communication avec les contribuables grâce à une approche plus proactive pour diffuser les informations pertinentes, et ce, en temps opportun.
  • Veiller à ce que la corporation soit bien équipée avec les ressources humaines, financières et matérielles nécessaires pour livrer des services municipaux de qualités comme le public l'exige.

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