Corporate Strategy

North Glengarry Corporate Strategic Plan 2023-2027

Strategic Direction  

We will GROW, FOSTER and CHAMPION the Township of North Glengarry through Development, Sustainability, and Advocacy strategies built on a FOUNDATION of Human Resources, Information Technology, Financial Stability and Corporate Values.

Please click the link to download a copy of the 2023-2027 Corporate Strategic Plan.

Mission Statement

The Township of North Glengarry is a unique and vibrant community in a strategic location, with an unsurpassed quality of life reflected in the rural and small town character and enhanced by a commitment to preserving agricultural and natural resources, historical and cultural heritage and quality municipal services.

Vision Statement

To cultivate intentional and sustainable development in a collaborative, strategic and efficient manner to enhance the quality of life and increase opportunity for all who we serve. WE ARE READY!!

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