DRAFT Clear Cutting By-law


The Township of North Glengarry has created a DRAFT Clear Cutting By law. The documents are available below:

Clear Cutting By law Summary

  • The By law does not prohibit tree cutting. It regulates the clear cutting of trees in areas 1 ha (2.5 ac) or larger. (Section 1)
  • All regulations in this by law apply only to areas of 1 ha (2.5 ac) or greater that will be clear cut.
  • Applications (Schedule B) must be submitted complete along with the fee of $50 per acre, up to a maximum of $500.
  • Applications will be processed within 30 days. (Sections 3 and 5)
  • The Township will collect comments from the required departments to fully evaluate the application. (Section 6)
  • A decision will be made, and a Tree Clear Cutting Permit will be posted on the subject lands. (Schedule C)
  • A Stop Work Order or a Work Order may be issued to stop clear cutting, rehabilitate or replant trees where the Township believes a contravention of this By law has occurred. (Sections 7 and 8)
  • Penalties may be applied to anyone who contravenes this By law. (Sections 12 and 13)

For more information, a copy of the DRAFT Clear Cutting By law, or to submit written comments, please use the contact information below:

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