Roadside Spraying

Roadside Spraying Program

Roadside spraying will take place in the Township of North Glengarry beginning in May of 2022. To help control the growth of undesirable vegetation, it is necessary to treat the ditches. There are several reasons to control roadside vegetation including motorist safety, visibility, proper drainage and to prevent the spread of weed to other properties.

The Township employs the services of a licensed contractor to apply selective herbicides to spray the roadside. Spraying occurs from the edge of the gravel shoulder to approximately one meter from the fence line.

No Spray Areas

Property owners are permitted to erect “No Spray” signs at the start and finish of their properties if they do not want the right-of-way sprayed. The dimensions of the sign must be one foot by two feet and the sign must be placed approximately three feet from the edge of the gravel shoulder. The signs must be easily visible, at least one foot above the vegetation and at the start and finish of the property.

Please note that roadside spraying will not occur if the ditch is maintained as lawn/mowed on a regular basis.

To identify where "No Spray" signs  have been installed, please fill out this form:


Weed Control Complaint Form 

Please visit the SDG Counties website so submit a complaint.

More Information

For more information, please visit the United Counties of SD&G’s website here.

Weed Inspector Phil Duncan

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2022 Roadside Spraying Map


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Public Works office at 613-525-3087.

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