Sewage Disconnection Program

The Township of North Glengarry wishes to stop the inflow of rain water and melted snow to the Alexandria and Maxville sanitary sewage collection and lagoon systems. Over the years, downspouts from roofs and sump pumps / foundation drains have been connected directly to the municipal sewage system. All that excess rain water from buildings and properties is a partial cause of basement flooding and capacity challenges at the Alexandria lagoon that is inhibiting economic development and growth.

A sewage bylaw was passed on May 11, 2015 that makes it illegal to allow those connections to continue. However, the Township recognizes that for some property owners, there will be no place for the water to go, other than the sanitary system. For example, it is important that any redirected rainwater not flood any neighbouring property or municipal infrastructure. Each case will need to be reviewed individually with the Township Public Works Dept.

Next Steps:

Property owners are encouraged to investigate their home sump pumps and roof drains to prepare for the possibility of disconnecting and rerouting your property's water away from the sanitary sewer and onto your own property (or a storm sewer if available). Township staff will be contacting property owners this summer to review potential connections and discuss solutions.

Property owners are encouraged open a new window to download the pdf versions of the documents below to inform themselves on this program:

The entire program is an ambitious but necessary endeavour that will take time and patience of both property owners and township officials. But the underlying issue is serious and needs to be addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For more Information call Public Works: 613-525-3087 or open a new window to email the Director of Public Works

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