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Water Account & Billing

The Township of North Glengarry is pleased to announce we are now offering an e-billing option for the water and sewer charges. If you do not register your email with us, a paper copy of your bill will still continue to be mailed out to you. If interested, please complete the e-billing registration form below and return the form to our office either by email to billingclerk@northglengarry.ca, or by fax to 613-525-1649, or simply mailing or dropping the form off at the Township of North Glengarry’s office located at 90 Main Street South, Alexandria ON K0C 1A0.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is my water / sewer bill higher than usual?

Check for the following: toilet running, taps dripping, taps outside left on or not shut off all the way, sump pumps that use water to pump water (not legal) or an outdated water softener. 

What are my Payment Methods?

  • Online Payment Through Your Banking Institution

Type in the payee “North Glengarry”

  1. Three choices are available:
    • North Glengarry Taxes (enter your roll number)
    • North Glengarry Water and Sewer (enter your account number)
    • North Glengarry Miscellaneous – to be used for burning permit, building permits and facility rentals (enter your customer code)
  2. Enter the amount to be paid
  3. Press enter to confirm payment
  • By Mail

Mail a cheque (including the invoice stub) to Township of North Glengarry, 90 Main Street S., Alexandria ON K0C 1A0 (DO NOT MAIL CASH)

  • Night Deposit Drop-box

Place a cheque (including the invoice stub) in the Night Deposit Drop-box located at the Township Office at 90 Main Street S., Alexandria ON K0C 1A0 (NO CASH PLEASE)

  • Pre-Authorized Monthly Payments

Residents have the option of signing up for the convenience of monthly pre-authorized payments for both property taxes and water and sewer fees. Just download the form, complete it with your banking information and mail or drop it off in the Night Deposit Drop-box at the Township office located at 90 Main Street S, Alexandria ON K0C 1A0. Please note that your account must be up to date to access this option.

Open a new window to download the pdf versions of the Pre-Authorized Monthly Payments Form for taxes and water/sewer fees.

  • E-billing

Residents can register for e-billing by completing the form below and return the form to our office either by email to billingclerk@northglengarry.ca, or by fax to 613-525-1649, or simply mailing or dropping the form off at the Township of North Glengarry’s office located at 90 Main Street South, Alexandria ON K0C 1A0.

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North Glengarry treats water from the Mill Pond, which is fed by the Loch Garry / Garry River system to provide treated safe drinking water to the residents of Alexandria.

A municipal well is used for drinking water for residents of Glen Robertson.

North Glengarry's residential water is on a metered system, billed every two months, and commercial billed every month.

If 30m3 is exceeded, the following overage charges will apply:

  • $1.94/m³ (water)                                                                                              
  • $1.10/m³ (sewer)

Residential Water Rate for 30m³ of water is:

$138.78/per 2 months

Residential Sewer Rate for 30m³ of sewage is

$71.02/per 2 months

Open new windows below to download various documents related to the Alexandria Lagoon

Alexandria Lagoon Upgrades

2021 Annual Reports

2020 Annual Reports

2019 Annual Reports

2018 Annual Reports

Drinking Water Quality Management System

In accordance with standards and regulations under the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Township of North Glengarry has created and implemented a Quality Management System to help reduce risks associated with the production and delivery of safe and reliable drinking water. The operational plan in place covers the Alexandria Drinking Water System as well as the Glen Robertson Drinking Water System and it assures a preventative approach to providing quality drinking water as well as the long-term sustainability of the systems.     

 The QMS policy is an element within the plan, which has been endorsed by the Owner, Top Management  and Operational Staff and reads as follows:

The Township of North Glengarry is committed to:

  • Providing a safe and reliable supply of drinking water to all customers,
  • Meeting and striving to exceed regulatory requirements during the production and distribution of drinking water
  • Acting quickly to mitigate and resolve water quality issues as the arise from time to time
  • Maintaining and striving for continually improve the QMS as a whole
  • Ensuring open communications through various levels from the consumer to the owner concerning matters of drinking eater quality

By having the QMS in place, the Township is meeting the requirements of having an accredited Operation Authority in place, as per the third party accreditation requirements through the Standard.    

Open a new window to download the Drinking Water Quality Management System Report.

Chloramine Usage

The Township of North Glengarry upgraded the Alexandria water treatment and distribution systems. This work includes the replacement of the storage stand pipe with a water tower, a new control and monitoring system referred to supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and replacing the chlorination disinfection system using chloramination. All of these upgrades will improve the reliability of water supply to the community.

Chloramination has been added to remedy the problem of low free chlorine residuals in the distribution system. It is also effective in reducing THM levels in the water. However, the presence of chloramines in water supplied to dialysis machines is known to present problems to patients if the water is not treated prior to entering the dialysis process. In addition pre-treatment to remove chlorine for dialysis purposes may not be effective in removing chloramines. It is recommended that all medical facilities adjust their patient treatment processes to account for the presence of chloramines. It is also recommended that all medical professionals warn their affected patients of this change. In addition all members of the public that use any form of dialysis should seek the opinion of a medical expert.

In addition chloramines also pose a threat to aquatic pets and water should be treated appropriately to remove the chloramines within any aquatic pets' environment.

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Source Water Protection

As legislated through the Ontario Clean Water Act, municipalities and stakeholders must develop watershed-based source protection plans, with municipal drinking water as the main focus. In conjunction with the Raisin River and South Nation Conservation Authority a Source Water Protection Plan was created and implemented in 2015. The goal of the plan is to protect sources of municipal drinking water from contamination and overuse, now and into the future.

Please view the links below for information or refer to Water Quality Programs on the Raisin River Conservation Authority website.

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